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Ease of Use

Industry Average: 8.7

Quality of support

Industry Average: 8.5

Ease of setup

Industry Average: 8.4

Virtually Eliminate Costs

Get rid of user limits and scale your solutions with no incremental per-user cost with the most cost efficient Power BI enterprise solution–it’s no longer necessary for an individual to have a Power BI license or account in order to view or interact with reports.

Fully Customizable to your Branding!

Our White-Label Solution. Fully customize the Portal using your company’s branding. Craft a unique web experience that looks and feels like an internally developed platform.

Podium BI Company Branding
Podium BI Share Efforlessly Report Bursting

Report Bursting is all the rage!

Effortlessly email your Power BI reports with no licensing worries.

  • Email entire report
  • Send multiple reports
  • Pre-Filter reports
  • Schedule Reports

We make sure your data is Safe and Secure

Rest assured that your Power BI content is safe and secure.

All reports remain on Power BI servers and all credentials remain in Azure.

Savings Calculator

Estimate how much podium bi can save you per year on licensing

Podium BI Sharing

Power To Share

Share your Power BI content without fear of rising Power BI Pro licensing cost.

  • Share interactive versions
  • Export in a variety of formats
  • Supports RLS

Unique Branding For Each Client

Our Multi Org feature provides the flexibility to display a different branded portal depending on who logs in.

This is great for if you want different themes for different departments or customers. 

Podium BI Online Strategy

Frequently asked questions

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Can Ischedule and email out Power BI reports without paying for additional licensing?

Yes – with Podium BI report bursting feature let you schedule and email:

  • Pre-filtered Power BI report
  • Multiple Reports in a single email
  • Send interactive link to report
  • PowerPoint, PDF, and Image Format
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Can I add custom navigation items to Podium BI,such as video and other content?

Yes – with Podium BI you can add custom navigation links to videos, apps, websites, files, and much more…

Play Video about Podium BI How To Add Custom Navigation
Can I export Power BI reports toPowerPoint and PDF?

Yes – with Podium BI you can exports reports in PowerPoint, PDF, and Image formats.

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Can I share Power BI reports without paying foradditional licensing?

Yes – With Podium BI you can share all of your Power BI content with no additional licenses.

  1. Share via email with Report Bursting
  2. Share with secure links like shown in this video
  3. Set an expiration date on the link if you choose.
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I have 200 new clients. With Podium BI, can I add them without paying$24K in additional Power BI licenses?

Yes, in this short video we show you how we sent a Power BI report to 200 additional users without having to sign up for pay for any additional Power BI licenses.

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Ultimatereport sharing

Podium BI is the ultimate sharing machine.  Check out this comparison chart.

Limitless sharing, license savings, and white labeling !

Why wait, start your free trial today!

Podium BI Sales Summary
Mobile Friendly

See why thousands of users, developers, and companies love Podium BI.

"Podium BI is all about making it easier for you to share Power BI content with your clients, it shouldn't matter if they are internal or external or whether they have a Power BI license. Podium BI just makes it simple!"
Podium BI Testimonial
Christy Gutierrez
Director Of Analytics @ Excellerate
"Podium BI came in in as the perfect solution. Streamlining report dissemination, transforming our workflow, enhancing client satisfaction, and making data accessibility a breeze."
Podium BI Testimonial
Virtual CFO at Oberlander & Co
"The Podium BI team had me up and running in less than 30 minutes. I love that I can pick up the phone and get ahold of Scott ."
Podium BI Testimonial
VP Finance @ Straight Up Solar
"It's crazy how Podium BI seems to have read my mind with all their cool features, like Report Bursting. Seriously, they've nailed what I didn't even know I needed!"
FOUNDER @ Work Adapative
"Podium BI’s secure sharing portal has transformed the way we manage and distribute Power BI reports to our clients"
Founder @ Vines Analytics
"Podium BI's multi-organization feature is pretty cool! We're rocking different themes for each customer, making our dashboards look as cool as our clients are. Podium BI makes us look good – it's like having a designer for our Power BI."
Podium BI Testimonial
CEO @ Smart Office

Mobile Friendly Access Anywhere

Podium BI is mobile friendly you can access all of your Power BI content when you need it the most.

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