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Industry Average: 8.5

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Industry Average: 8.4

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"It's crazy how Podium BI seems to have read my mind with all their cool features, like Report Bursting. Seriously, they've nailed what I didn't even know I needed!"
FOUNDER @ Work Adapative
"Podium BI's multi-organization feature has truly elevated our ability to provide a customized and branded experience for each of our customers. With the flexibility it offers, we can effortlessly tailor the theme and overall look the to match the unique branding preferences of each client."
CEO @ Big Wave BI
"Podium BI’s secure sharing portal has transformed the way we manage and distribute Power BI reports to our clients"
Founder @ Vines Analytics
"We couldn't be happier with the financial benefits and the enhanced user experience Podium BI has brought to our organization. It's a win-win solution that continues to deliver value month after month!"
Podium BI Testimonial
Data Manager
"Man, hats off to the Podium BI crew! As a Power BI developer, I can only guess how many hours they put to make this tool, it's so amazing!"
Podium BI Testimonial
Founder @ Dream Logiq
"Podium BI is a lifesaver! Now, I can shoot off Power BI reports to my clients via email without losing sleep over whether they've got a Power BI Pro license..."
Podium BI Testimonial
CEO @ CFM Management Solutions
"We're not just throwing out numbers; we're serving up a personalized, visually stunning analytics that's all about making our brand shine. Podium BI? It's our secret weapon!"
Podium BI Testimonial
Project Lead
"The Podium BI team had me up and running in less than 30 minutes. I love that I can pick up the phone and get ahold of Scott ."
Podium BI Testimonial
VP Finance @ Straight Up Solar
"Podium BI came in in as the perfect solution. Streamlining report dissemination, transforming our workflow, enhancing client satisfaction, and making data accessibility a breeze."
Podium BI Testimonial
Virtual CFO at Oberlander & Co
"Podium BI's multi-organization feature is pretty cool! We're rocking different themes for each customer, making our dashboards look as cool as our clients are. Podium BI makes us look good – it's like having a designer for our Power BI."
Podium BI Testimonial
CEO @ Smart Office
"Podium BI is all about making it easier for you to share Power BI content with your clients, it shouldn't matter if they are internal or external or whether they have a Power BI license. Podium BI just makes it simple!"
Podium BI Testimonial
Christy Gutierrez
Director Of Analytics @ Excellerate
"It's all about that email simplicity – hit send, and my clients can dive into the reports hassle-free. Podium BI is like the superhero of stress-free sharing. Seriously, can't imagine going back to the old way. Thanks, Podium BI, for making my client reporting life way easier!"
Podium BI Testimonial
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