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Microsoft Power BI App

Data is an essential component of today’s business strategies. Its growth is increasing many folds due to great advancements in technology. If a company has accurate data about its potential clients, it makes progress at a high pace. Because it significantly describes the behavior of customers, the values of products, and the state that the market is in at the moment.

Businesses can forecast the market’s behavior and make beneficial choices with the assistance of appropriate tools and technology, such as Microsoft Power BI. So, let’s go into the depth of this subject as Microsoft Power BI app and “What are the Microsoft Power BI Apps?”

Power Bi Overview

Power BI is a suite of cloud-hosted business analytics tools that anybody can use to connect to, view, and analyze data more quickly, effectively, and understandably. Through simple-to-use dashboards, it enables you to connect to a variety of real-time data. Additionally, it offers you dynamic visuals that bring data to life as well as interactive reports.

With the help of Power BI, users may assemble information from all available online data sources to gain a complete view of important metrics, which can then be queried in natural language. Microsoft Power BI App is used by IT, analysts, developers, and other business users.

Microsoft Power BI App Overview

A Microsoft Power BI App is a way to interact with reports in the same workspace. This is done through an interface. Power BI developers can create official packaged content and share it as an app with a large number of people.

Microsoft Power BI Apps are created in workspaces where users can collaborate on Power BI content with their coworkers before publishing the finished app to single users, sizable groups within an organization, or the entire organization. When using an app, designers find it simpler to handle rights on these collections since the app may have different permissions than those specified on the workspace.

When should you use Microsoft Power BI App?

To gain an understanding of a company’s internal data, Microsoft Power BI Apps are your go-to tools. This app lets you create reports and visuals from a wide variety of datasets.

There are many uses for Microsoft Power BI Apps. According to your need, you can use one or the other. Some of its multiple applications are listed below:

Use stories when you need to share your data

Although pie charts, bar charts, and graphs are excellent for getting a sense of the data, most people might not find them particularly interesting. Timeline Storyteller, a feature of Power BI, is a tool that generates a linear list of dates or times and arranges them in various ways. It can be changed to display an event timeline, a chronological list, pick scales, and more.

Analyze data more effectively by using Power BI’s natural language features

You can ask questions and receive visualizations in response using the amazing natural language features that Power BI offers. It is possible to specify the presentation style for the data. It’s much simpler for the other party to understand when you speak in everyday language as opposed to jargon.

Use it for personalized visualizations

With the help of the Power BI Custom Visual Tool, you can create your visualizations in addition to the ones that Power BI offers. Additional visualizations are available in the store. Microsoft offers various types of visualizations. Visio diagrams may also be linked for use in the Microsoft Power BI app’s custom visuals.

To better manipulate the numbers

With the aid of a sliding bar, Power BI enables you to do all of that while you can undoubtedly determine how various scenarios will pan out in Excel. Let’s say you want to know how many clients you will need to reach a certain level of revenue. All you have to do is alter the parameter that is directly proportional to that goal.

Utilize for real-time analysis of streaming data flows

Most business intelligence is gathered regularly, but if you’re considering a company that continually generates customer data, you must have access to real-time data. To accomplish something similar, additional code must be written. With the help of Power BI’s streaming dataflows, you can connect to Azure Streaming Analytics, which enables analysts to combine all types of data in a single report.

Power BI Apps vs Workspace

Microsoft Power BI App’s features

An App is a copy of the contents of the workspace that may be shared but not edited. To put it simply, an app is created in a single workspace. Creating an app from our shared space is the easiest way to share information with a large number of people without worrying about access to files or data being updated.

Functions of workspace

Although they are closely related, the functionalities of an app and a workspace are still distinct. The app workspace acts as a staging area once you publish an app, which is a convenient aspect of this connection. You may update or make small adjustments without committing them to the app’s published version. The modifications won’t be shown to your audience until you make a choice. Simply select the Update app from the workspace when you are prepared to do those modifications or new content.

Advantages of Microsoft Power BI Apps

Let’s look at some of the ways that Microsoft Power BI App can make your business more successful.

1. Rich dashboards of Microsoft Power BI Apps

One of the best parts of Power BI is the dashboard, which you can change to fit your needs. Depending on how you want users to interact with your app, you can add dashboards and BI reports to it.

2. Easy to integrate with other programs

Power BI can use the technology you already have to give you the kind of analytics and reporting you to want.

3. Strong community

There is a community of thousands of Power BI developers who will be glad to answer your questions. If you go to the Microsoft portal, you can get help right away.

4. Easily accessible from anywhere

Power BI can be used from anywhere, which is great for teams that work in different places and for people who work from home. It can be used by a salesperson on the road, and a manager who works from home can check it. The BI platform has many great features that make it easy for teams to work together.

5. Real-time information

With Power BI, the dashboard is updated in real-time, so businesses can take care of problems right away. In Power BI, dashboards and reports can show data from the present.

6. Can be used for Excel integration

Power BI works well with Excel and lets you create data models, link queries and reports to Power BI dashboards, and make highly interactive visualizations without any outside help.

7. The price is reasonable

Power BI is a great deal when you compare it to other tools for analytics and dashboards. It has the best product for small and medium-sized businesses and the best features.

8. Improves each month

One of the best things about using Microsoft Power BI is that it gets updated every month to make sure it works at its best. Microsoft also makes it a point to listen to what the Power BI community has to say.

9. You don’t need any tech support

Power BI is a self-service business intelligence platform that lets you make your analyses and reports without having to know anything about technology. It makes dashboards easy to make by using a natural language interface, easy-to-use graphic designer tools, a drag-and-drop feature, and more.

Limitations of Microsoft Power BI Apps

Connections in a Table

Simple connections between tables in a data model may be handled well by Power BI. However, complicated connections between tables—those where there are several linkages between tables—might be too much for Power BI to manage. When creating a data model, you should be cautious and include more unique fields to prevent Power BI from being confused by intricate connections.

Hard to understand

Given how intricately Microsoft built Power BI, this is one of its main shortcomings. It might be challenging to determine which components of Power BI you would want due to their extensive list. Just a few examples are Power BI Desktop, Power BI Gateway, Power BI Services, etc. Additionally, since there are a no. of components in this program, it could take a lot of time and effort to find out what each component accomplishes.

Oversized user interface

Because the side panels and formula help box often obscure crucial information, Power BI’s user interface is quite clumsy. Since a scrolling dashboard is not a standard feature, creating one will be quite time-consuming.

Limited Data Sharing

Users who share the same email domain or whose email domains are included in your Office 365 tenancy are the only users with whom you may share reports and dashboards.

Install the Power BI App

Power applications may be obtained in Power BI in a variety of ways:

  1. Get the application from the Power BI Service marketplace.

Both organizational, as well as template apps, are available for download from the apps marketplace. For a specific organization, Power BI offers organizational applications.

It offers pre-built reports as well as dashboards which a user may modify and use for tracking sales and evaluating the performance of teams, While only other companies like Microsoft Dynamics, Google Analytics, SalesForce, etc. can be connected to the pre-built visuals in the template.

Follow the instructions below to install the app:

  • Open Power BI and sign in using your Power BI credentials.
  • Go to the left side and click Apps. Get apps from the Power BI app menu.
You don't have any apps yet
  • There are three accessible tabs in the Power BI workspace that you may use:
Power BI Apps

There are three tabs available for your selection:

All applications: Look through the various template and organizational apps on your account.

Browse the organizational applications that are shared with the account.

Browse the AppSource’s collection of template apps.

  • To install it, click to download it from AppSource now.
Microsoft Sample Screenshot
  • The interface will direct you to AppSource if you attempt to install a template app, where you may follow a brief instruction and download a sample application from the application store. You may merely add organizational apps to the list.

2. Use the direct link to install the application.

You may download an organizing app by clicking on a direct link supplied to your email. When you click the link provided in the email on your PC, the Power BI will launch in your browser.

Install the app by choosing the link depending on the operating system of your mobile device.

3. The Power BI app may be installed into your Power BI account directly by the developer or an administrator. If you just have Power BI mobile, you are limited to downloading the app via the direct URL in this instance. It is available for download in your account’s collection of applications made by the creator.

Interact with the Dashboards and Reports

Interaction with the power bi dashboard provides data analysis tools that combine information management and data visualization for financial analysis. While a Power BI report is a multi-perspective interaction with a data model that includes visuals showcasing various findings and insights. A report may include only one visualization or many pages’ worth. You may read, review, or create reports for others depending on your function.


What services does Power BI offer?

Microsoft offers a business analytics solution called Power BI that enables you to share insights and view data. It transforms data from several sources to provide dynamic dashboards and Business Intelligence reports.

How can we describe Power BI Desktop?

On your PC, you may download and use Power BI Desktop for free. Together with the Power BI service, Power BI Desktop functions seamlessly. To create reports and make them accessible to Power BI service business users like you, data scientists, report designers, administrators, and developers utilize Power BI Desktop.

How do the Microsoft Power BI App and report vary from one another?

Compared to Power BI workspaces, apps provide a wide range of functionalities. Furthermore, it offers the designers a simple means of distinguishing between completed and in-progress reports. Non-technical individuals cannot see any reports or dashboards supplied by other users via the applications or interact with them.

What does “business user” in Power BI mean?

The business users’ Power BI service: Simply launch the Power BI service on a computer or mobile device. The same reliable dashboards and reports that you and your coworkers’ use are updated and refreshed automatically, ensuring that you are always working with the most recent information. The workers are  Power BI business users

Is there a size restriction for Power BI?

The maximum dataset size that may be imported into Power BI is 1 GB unless the workspace has Power BI Premium functionality.


Without a doubt, Microsoft Power BI Apps are one of the best ways to gather data for reporting and analysis. You can easily see and analyze data from all parts of your business with the tool. You can find out a lot about how your business works this way. Most small and medium-sized businesses think that BI solutions are expensive, hard to use and not needed for their size of business, among other things. But this could be an opinion with a bias.

Cutting-edge Power BI can make a big difference in the long-term success of your business. How much do you use customer feedback, taking everything into account? If your business hasn’t taken advantage of the benefits of customer feedback yet, now is the time to start.

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