Podium BI Portal: Quick Start Guide

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Welcome to the Podium BI Portal quick start guide.  This blog covers the basics of getting started with Podium BI Portal.  More detailed videos can be found at https://support.podiumbi.com

What is Podium BI Portal?

Podium BI is a low-cost, no-code platform to share Power BI insights with anyone, anywhere, without worrying about individual Power BI licenses or whether users are part of your organization.

With Podium BI you can automatically send scheduled, prefiltered reports by email and combine additional content like text, video, and more into fully branded online experiences.

Who Should Use Podium BI Portal?

  • Businesses of all sizes that use Power BI for data visualization and analysis.
  • Anyone who needs to share Power BI insights with a wide range of stakeholders.
  • If you want to save time and effort by automatically sending prefiltered reports by email.
  • Businesses in industries that rely heavily on data analysis, such as finance, healthcare, and technology.
  • If you need to combine additional content like text, video, and more into fully branded online experiences.

Deployment Process

The Podium BI deployment process takes just a few minutes to complete. Here are the prerequisites:

  • Power BI user should be a Admin for Power BI / Azure to approve app
  • Security Defaults off in Azure to allow Power BI API to pull back Reports, Groups, and Users.  Podium BI supports 2FA.
  • 1 Power BI Pro License / 1 Embedded License

Message from Founder Scott Barnes about the deployment Process

Add Your First Report

Adding your first report into Podium BI Portal is simple. Here is a short video showing you how.

Add Users

Podium BI is able to access all of your existing Azure users and groups. However, what if you need to add more users to Podium BI. In this short video, we show you how.

Free 30 Day Trial of Podium BI Portal

We are so confident that you will love Podium BI Portal, we are offer a risk free 30 Day Trial with no pressure to buy.

Free 30 Day Trial

Additional Help

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